National Park “Krka” 1985th year. and is the seventh national park Croatian.
It is located entirely within the territory of Sibenik-Knin County and encompasses an area of ​​109 km2 along the Krka River: two kilometers downriver from Knin to Skradin and Čikole.
From the flooded part of the mouth, it is 72.5 kilometers in length, the 22 rivers in Croatia.
River Krka springs at the foot of the Dinaric Mountains, 3.5 kilometers northeast of Knin and 22 meters below the high winter but run dry during the summer Topoljski Slap, Veliki Buk or Krčić.
Length of freshwater is 49, and the brackish section is 23.5 kilometers. Significant tributaries of the Krka River include Kosovčica, Orašnica, Butišnica and Čikola with Vrba.
With its seven travertine waterfalls and a total drop of 242 meters, the Krka River is a natural phenomenon.